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Civil law includes all law that is not criminal. Civil law can involve a breach of contract, unlawful taking of property, negligence, invasions of property, and rights violations. When they go to court, civil law cases are considered lawsuits and usually result in financial compensation. If you are a party in a lawsuit, find a civil lawyer to represent you on Local-Attorneys.

Additional Civil Rights Listings

Marshall and Forman

250 Civic Center Drive
Suite 480
Columbus, Ohio, 43215

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Brewster & De Angelis

2617 East 21st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74114

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Ward & Glass

1601 36th Ave NW
Norman, Oklahoma, 73072

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Arnold Law

401 East Tenth Avenue
Suite 400
Eugene, Oregon, 97401

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Law Offices of Daniel Snyder

1000 S.W. Broadway
Suite 2400
Portland, Oregon, 97205

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Jeffrey R. Lessin & Associates

1515 Market Street
Suite 714
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102

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Beasley Firm

1125 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107

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Formisano & Company

100 Midway Place
Suite 1
Cranston, Rhode Island, 02920

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Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons

One Davol Square
Suite 305
Providence, Rhode Island, 02903

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J. Christopher Mills

2118 Lincoln Street
Columbia, South Carolina, 29202

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Class action lawsuits are when the same complaint is decided at once for a group of people so as not to clog up the courts with individual lawsuits. Types of class action lawsuits include consumer class actions, employment class actions, securities class actions, and personal injury or product liability class actions. Do you know many people with the same injury or complaint? Take a look at the list of class action attorneys above.