Do Your Legal Marketing Collateral Materials Need an "Extreme Makeover?"

Has your firm celebrated another anniversary using the same collateral materials you started with? If business has been great, should you even bother to revamp what has been working all this time? If you want the firm to grow, the answer is yes. And if your business generation efforts have been stalled, the answer is also the affirmative.

Get a Straight Shooter
Before you set fire to all your brochures and business cards, have an impartial party evaluate them and give you feedback. Do partner photos need to be refreshed? Are there new practice areas that should be promoted? Encourage total candor and allow them to tell you whether the articles you published or the seminars your sponsored have helped or hurt your business development efforts.

Ask the Client
What better way to show your best clients how much you appreciate their opinion? Once you have a draft of new collaterals, test them with your clients before you market them.

Get Tech-Savvy
Welcome to the New Media world, where the messages companies communicate are interactive, animated and within a few clicks of a mouse. Is your firm’s web site serving as a business development specialist on your behalf? Can clients communicate with you quickly and with ease? Are online inquires processed promptly and directed to the appropriate practice areas? The majority of potential clients get their first impressions from a web site. What does yours say about you?


Allan Colman is the managing director of The Closers Group, an organization that provides business development consulting services for law firms. In addition to helping with business development strategies, his firm also trains attorneys on proven sales closing skills while also providing sales training and client retention consulting services.


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