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Boutique criminal defense lawyers in Nevada.

Nicholas Wooldridge has achieved the pinnacle among top attorneys in Las Vegas. Where attorneys are almost tripping over each other Mr. Wooldridge has fashioned a niche for himself. Mr. Wooldridge is recognized as one of the “Top-40 Under-40,” a recognition from his peers for his professionalism and intense desire to see justice delivered.

Please with the professional citations, awards and accolades, Mr. Wooldridge is most please with the often-repeated testimonials he receives from clients.

Attracted to the continuous search for justice from an early age, Mr. Wooldridge has more than twenty-years of practice behind him. Yet, he still reaches for the same standards for justice.

Raised in Las Vegas, Mr. Wooldridge received his J. D. from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas Law School and practiced law in New York City for ten years. There he contracted with Arkady Bukh in representing, among other clients, Azamat Tazhayakov, an accused co-conspirators in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Tazhayakov was convicted in April 2014.

Interesting in giving back to his hometown, Mr. Wooldridge loaded up his law books and relocated.

While he’s been home, Mr. Wooldridge has found for justice across all socio-economic strata. His client roster includes international cyber thieves, white-collar criminals and locals needed garden variety assistance with a range of legal problems.

Relaxed and comfortable with all potential clients, Mr. Wooldridge can be found at the corner coffee shop talking with a client or in the corporate conference rooms of Las Vegas’ largest hotels while he advises the legal affairs of multi-millionaires.

Mr. Wooldridge:

• Is a graduate of Boyd School of Law — with Honors

• Was mentored by Lawrence Wishart

• Has established, and demonstrated, skill in global circles and cases

• Served as co-counsel for Azamat Tazhayakov, linked to the Boston Marathon bombings

Mr. Wooldridge has consistently validated his excellent qualifications, trial results and leadership within his practice areas which include:

• Sex Crimes

• Drug Crimes

• Violent Crimes

• Federal Charges

• Felony Charges, and

• White Collar Crime

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