Marc Lopez

120 E. Market St.
Suite 710
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204
(317) 632-3642

I started my career in civil litigation. I enjoyed the work but quickly learned that my talents were in the courtroom, not sitting behind a desk on the phone. After two years, I walked away from my well-paying job with a prestigious Indianapolis law firm and started at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. I went from having a corner office with a view of downtown to sharing a cramped, windowless space with another Deputy Prosecutor in what I am still convinced was the old copier room. My wife, family and friends thought I was crazy to go work for the Prosecutor’s Office for a fraction of the pay and none of the perks I received at the law firm. None of that mattered to me, though, as I was in the courtroom every single weekday morning and afternoon. I was in love with my job.



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