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5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

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Unfortunately, truck accidents are common occurrences. There are many reasons why these vehicles end up in collisions on the highways, but here are five of the most common.


1) Equipment failure


One major cause of crashes is equipment failure. For example, defective tyres can cause trucks to swerve, skid and collide. Also, substandard brakes can be highly dangerous. It takes longer for these heavy vehicles to stop anyway, but when their brakes are not working properly, this is a particular worry.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all drivers and companies to perform regular inspections and maintenance on their vehicles. These rules are designed to help reduce the dangers caused by equipment failure. However, companies don't always adhere to the regulations.


2) Driver error


Driver error is often to blame for these incidents too. According to the FMCSA, driver mistakes are 10 times more likely to be the cause of a crash than any other factor. Problems can arise due to distraction, inattention or substance abuse. Tiredness is another major issue. Often, truckers are on the roads for many hours at a time and this can lead to drowsiness. Particularly when they're under pressure to meet deadlines, truckers can be reluctant to stop for breaks.


Because drivers are on the highways so much of the time, they have to make an extra effort to guard against lapses of concentration and technique.


3) Bad weather


Bad weather also causes many accidents involving trucks. Because of their weight, these vehicles can be particularly tricky to control in slippery conditions. Steering and braking on icy or wet road surfaces takes real skill and care.


Unfortunately, drivers don't always take these dangers into account. If they don't exercise sufficient caution, they can quickly end up in difficulty.

4) Poor loading


Improper loading can cause havoc on the highways too. When loads aren't safety distributed on trailers, trucks can handle erratically. For example, they can be prone to toppling over on bends or in high winds when they would normally remain upright.


5) Inappropriate usage of trucks


There is huge demand for trucking services across the US and further afield. This can lead to improper truck or driver selection. When booking transport, companies or individuals must make sure that trucks and drivers are suited to the specific job. They must also check that they are in compliance with all the relevant regulations.


Whatever the cause of truck accidents, they often trigger accident claims. After all, the consequences of these incidents can be disastrous. They can lead to major physical and psychological harm. To find out whether they may be entitled to compensation, individuals can contact a truck accident lawyer such as Attorney Joe Stephens.


Diligence is crucial at all stages


Due to their large size, trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the roads. This means that diligence is required at all times. Those responsible for the vehicles must make sure they are well maintained and properly loaded. Meanwhile, drivers have to be extremely careful when they are getting goods from A to B.