Below we have a selection of articles about seeking legal advice, etc. Note that none of these articles are intended to give legal advice (only an attorney can do that!) but instead they are designed to simply help you think about the issue and provide some background as you open a dialog with a qualified attorney.

  • The Steps to Take After Wrongfully Being Fired from Your Job

    When you feel that you’ve been unlawfully fired from your previous position, then it may be possible to bring a legal claim against your previous employer for wrongful termination. There are different options available depending on the exact circumstances of the case.

  • 3 Common Mistakes People Make When Opening a Franchise

    Franchises are a way to set up a new business based on a successful business model. It allows you to expand your brand while letting franchisees handle some of the administrative bloat. You can hand pick franchise owners and they can learn everything about the business before they decide to sign up.

  • 4 Myths About Personal Injury Claims Resolved

    If you’ve suffered a slip and fall, received an injury at work, or been involved in a car accident, it’s possible that you’re hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer in order to make a claim. After all, you’ve heard that it’s hard to win compensation, right? Or that you can file one in the future if your injuries get worse? These are both myths.

  • 7 Tips for Maximizing Your Personal Injury Settlement after an Auto Accident

    After an auto accident, you'll want to ensure that you get the most compensation possible to help with your medical bills and expenses. The average claim payout can be anywhere from $14,000 to $28,000.

  • 5 Good Ways to Get Out of Your Traffic Violation

    While a large majority of drivers try to be as safe and cautious as possible, just about everyone has looked down at their speedometer to realize that they are driving over the posted speed limit, slowly rolled through a four-way stop or made a right turn on red when they shouldn’t have.

  • Overview of Common Types of Tax Problems

    There are many types of tax problems that a person can encounter. Having to deal with tax issues can be stressful and intimidating, so understanding what types of tax problems you may encounter can better help you to prevent them from occurring. There are many different kinds of problems you can run into, some which are well known, and others which many people aren't even aware of.

  • Should you hire an attorney to fight a traffic violation?

    This article discusses traffic violations and whether or not it makes sense to hire an attorney for your defense and/or dispute of a traffic violation. To some extent, it depends on the severity of the violation and your previous record, but this article will hopefully help bring some ideas for your consideration, should you find yourself considering whether or not to hire a traffic violation lawyer.

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