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Smart Ways to Have an Attorney Consultation While Following Social Distancing Rules

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Many legal services can be performed remotely and online, including paying retainer fees and signing contracts. However, attorney consultations still require a bit more of a personal touch. Whether you have been hurt in a workplace accident or are looking to sue for the wrongful death of a relative, choosing the right attorney is very much the most important part of the process. The reality is that most states are not back to normal, which means that both average everyday people and attorneys alike are facing limitations.

Setup a Meeting Via Teleconferencing

The first choice for people looking to have a legal consultation while following social distancing guidelines is to do so by phone. This is a preferred option for a lot of people, including legal professionals, as phone conferences are quick and easy to setup. No software has to be downloaded, and no extra preparations have to be made. The Goldman & Daszkal law firm offers various virtual communication options to both new and existing clients, including telephone conferencing. You can schedule a call with an attorney at a time that is most convenient for you.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

The purpose of having a consultation with a legal professional is to get a well-rounded sense of who they are. It's about more than just learning about their credentials, experience, and background. During a legal consultation, you, the layperson, get to determine if you and the attorney are a good match. For some people, a face-to-face meeting of some kind is necessary before that type of determination can be made in good faith. There are several software solutions you can use for virtual meetings, with Zoom being the most popular right now. There is also Skype and even FaceTime, for that matter, if the goal is just to see the attorney of your choosing in person.  

Hold Your Consultation in a Public Place

As spring is now here, the weather in many parts of the country is mild, sunny, and fairly dry. Though not all parks are open, there is plenty of open space out in public that would make for a great place to have a legal consultation. If meeting at the park or along the beach doesn't appeal to you, there are other options for meeting with an attorney. Alternatively, you could meet up in a shopping center parking lot, roll down your window, and have your consultation that way. Of course, everyone needs to wear a mask and be mindful of the space between them, but you can still maintain your privacy while also vetting an attorney.

 Many types of legal matters can be resolved remotely, including mediation and the signing of settlement agreements. Finding out which lawyer you want to work with remotely can be a little more difficult. See which law firms offer different types of attorney consultation meeting options while paying attention to how quickly you are able to get a response. Remember that this is unchartered territory for everyone from judges and clerks of the court to seasoned attorneys and clients alike.