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Four Ways to Achieve a Less Stressful Divorce

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Whatever has led to the decision to divorce, doing so is never a pleasant or easy experience for the majority of couples. However, there are certain approaches to divorce that can help make the experience more straightforward and less draining, especially if there are children involved. A good family lawyer will be able to navigate your situation and make it easier for you to determine which approach is going to be the best choice for your circumstances. While divorce is never truly easy, here are some ways to make it less stressful.


Get a Good Family Lawyer:


The right family lawyer by your side is essential when you decide to take the step of divorce. Your lawyer will be able to help you choose the right approach for you and make it easier for you to understand the steps involved. Many people are unsure of all the intricate details involved in a divorce, especially when it comes to issues like splitting assets or dividing custody of children, and a family lawyer can help you make sense of the process and come to an agreement that works in everybody’s favor.

Use Mediation Services:


If you want to divorce amicably but are struggling to communicate and reach agreements with your ex-spouse, you may want to consider mediation. Mediation is designed to keep your divorce out of court and make sure that it’s as amicable and as stress-free as possible by providing a safe space for you to work out issues and come to agreements with a supportive mediator. Some family lawyers are trained mediators, but others will be able to refer you to a trained mediation professional. Remember that mediation is not for everybody - mediation agreements are not legally binding, so it may be more advisable to go to court if there’s a risk that the mediation agreements will not be upheld.

Opt for a Combination of Mediation and Lawyers:


Every divorce case is different and while mediation can be used for the entire process in some divorces, it can also be used for various aspects of the divorce while others are negotiated by lawyers. It’s a good idea to make a list of the various issues that you will face throughout the process of your divorce and discuss these with your family lawyer who will be able to advise on areas that might benefit from mediation compared to those that are unlikely to.

Be Ready to Compromise:


Whether you opt for mediation, going to court, or a combination of the two, it’s important to be ready for some compromising no matter what the specific issues are in your divorce. Any divorce will often require some compromising from both sides for the greater good. Mediation, in particular, can be very useful in this situation since it’s designed to take a long-term look at the needs of each party and find a balance between them. It’s a good idea to have a list of non-negotiables versus things you’re willing to compromise on.

Divorce is never a nice or easy process for anybody, no matter the reason. The mediation process and the support of a good family lawyer can help make your divorce less stressful.