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Taking a Legal Stand Against Religious Sexual Abuse

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Worship is an essential part of life, and places of worship must give us mental peace while holding our faith. People visit there to create togetherness and to belong to a community. But what if that place is becoming a setting for sexual abuse? What if faith and belief that are violated with sinful acts? What if one becomes a victim in the hands of clergy instead of treasuring trust?

Reports have been saying that child sexual abuse had been there, and with attempts to cover up by the powerful, matters kept worsening. But now things are different as these heinous acts got media coverage and the world is aware of the same. Here, we tell you what and how you can file a lawsuit in cases of sexual assault in church.

If you or anybody known to you, have suffered sexual assault in a religious place, filing a lawsuit is what you must do instead of being a silent victim. You can receive compensation and also counseling and care from various support groups. What you have to do is discuss your case with a specialized expert in this field. A church sexual abuse lawyer can help you best in these matters.

What is church sexual abuse?

The kind of sexual exploitation that occurs in religious places by people in power, like a clergy, priest, rabbi, or pastor, is sexual abuse. This is also referred to as molestation and includes unwanted sexual contact like pornography, fondling, inappropriate touching, sexually suggestive activities, nudity, and sexual assault.

Misuse of religious power

The Catholic Church has got a reputation for many instances of misconduct.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research center found that about 8 in 10 U.S. adults say that the reports of sexual abuse and misconduct by priests and bishops reflect the underlying problem that has been taking place for a long time has not been curbed completely. And with the power that a church holds, many of the victims feel scared to report the crime.

Effects of sexual abuse in the Church

Such an incident bruises the body and soul, and the person would remain in emotional pain and trauma, no matter if the abuse happened years ago or recently. There will be anguish, grief, self-hate, guilt, fear, and many more traumatic experiences that one be going through silently.

What you can do

If you are a victim or anybody who has been sexually exploited, then you need to report. Do not go to the church if possible, as religious leaders may prevent you from going to the police to save their reputation.

Speak with a lawyer specialized in the cases of church molestation. Your attorney will tell you how to go forward with the case and explain the legal process.

Seek care and counseling from support groups. It would be best to talk to a counselor to overcome the trauma and every negative emotion that you feel.

Every state has its law, and contacting a specialized attorney can guild you best in seeking justice.

Final thoughts

To become a survivor of a victim, you must take the legal route. Clergy members who molest must be accountable and punished. Statistics say that such sexual predators don’t just victimize one, you can help save others by filing a case.

A lawsuit may sound frighteningly intimidating, but be assured a good lawyer will make the process easy and smooth. You will be guided in every step, and you will never be alone.

Sexual abuse exists because many choose to remain silent. If each of the victims speaks up against their perpetrators, they become survivors and help others.

Contact a church sexual abuse lawyer today to get assisted and guided for yourself or for someone you know.