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5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Probate Lawyer

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Whether it’s dealing with funeral costs, sorting through personal belongings, or working your way through the grieving process, losing a loved one comes with all sets of challenges. Unfortunately, in some cases, you may have to haggle over money or property, meaning it’s crucial that you hire a probate lawyer who can act on your behalf and deal with disputes regarding wills and inheritance. If you need help, here are five things to do before hiring a probate lawyer.

Understand Estate Planning

Your first port of call is to have an estate plan in place. While some people choose to leave all their possessions and money to family members and friends, there are others who have specific requests with what they want to do with their items, therefore, you need to ensure that you seek out a planning and probate lawyer who understands your needs.

Check They’re Reputable and Reliable

Like with any business, an estate planning and probate attorney are providing you with a service that you’re paying out for, therefore, it’s important that you pick an attorney who is sympathetic to your needs and is available around the clock should you need them. Emotions can run high, so you need to make sure that your probate attorneys are specialists in their field and are there to guide you through the whole process.

Collect All Necessary Paperwork

What you may not realize is the probate process doesn’t necessarily all fall on the shoulders of the attorney. It’s just as important for you to bring the necessary paperwork to the table. If you have been named the executor of the will, there are various documents that you will need to bring with you to your first meeting, such as copies of the death certificate, bank statements, a list of your loved one’s assets, as well as the last will and testament.

Be Realistic

Throughout the probate process, family drama is all too common. Even the most detailed wills are picked apart and analyzed based on entitlement or greed. If you have a strained relationship with other members of your family, you need to share this information with your probate attorney. While you cannot stop family members from contesting the will, knowing you may potentially meet resistance can help both yourself and the probate lawyer prepare.

Understand What Probate Is

While most people think that probate is inevitable after a death, you may not have to go down this route. If your loved one has created a straightforward will that leaves most of their possessions to family and friends, probate may not be necessary. You can contact Pankauski Hauser, a Florida probate lawyer, where you can find out more information on their services, as well as whether you need probate or not.

Handling the death of one of your family members is a difficult process that all of us will have to go through at some point in life. When you add their final wishes into the mix, the whole situation can be emotionally draining, therefore, hiring a probate lawyer can put your mind at ease throughout this difficult time, and give you clarification on the legal terms that are used in wills.