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5 Good Ways to Get Out of Your Traffic Violation

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Just about every driver in the United States has been pulled over at one point or another in their driving career.  With over 250,000,000 vehicles on the road, according to the United States Department of Transportation, police forces nation wide are constantly looking for any reason to pull you over.  While a large majority of drivers try to be as safe and cautious as possible, just about everyone has looked down at their speedometer to realize that they are driving over the posted speed limit, slowly rolled through a four-way stop or made a right turn on red when they shouldn’t have.

Just because you’ve done something like this, doesn’t mean you’re not a law abiding citizen.  The thing is, technically you have broken the law and officers now have a legitimate reason to pull you over.  Being stopped by a police officer is a nerve racking experience for anyone.  No one wants to deal with a ticket, fines, court costs and growing insurance premiums.

Some officers are going to give you the ticket for your violation no matter what; you just have to accept that.  But, many police men and women will be lenient with you if they feel you deserve it.  You can get a second chance or at least reduce the charge on your ticket by simple doing a few small things when you’re dealing with a police officer who has stopped you for a traffic violation.

1.    When you see that an officer wants you to stop, pull over in a large shoulder on the right hand side of the road, or wait until you can turn off on a side street.   Do not stop instantly in the middle of traffic or in the left hand shoulder of the highway; doing so puts the officer in danger and will do nothing but put them in a bad mood.  Signal that you see the police officer wants you to stop, and safely work your way to the right hand side of the road.

2.    Turn your car off.  Even though the thought has probably never crossed your mind, more than a few drivers try to race off once an officer gets out of their squad car.  When a police officer sees and hears that your car is turned off, it will put them at ease.  This peace of mind will be sure to keep the law enforcement agent in good mood.

3.    Keep your hands on your steering wheel.  Although you can be certain the police officer will need your driver’s license and registration wait for him/her to ask you for it.  Any added movement can make an officer nervous and uneasy.  Wait to be instructed and then open your glove box to find your registration and any other information that is needed.

4.    Be respectful, and calm.  The last thing an officer wants to deal with is an ornery, mad or disrespectful driver.  You’ve committed a traffic violation and they have all the right to charge you with it; being rude is only going to hurt your case.  You’d be surprised how far good manners can go.

5.    Scrap the crazy excuses.  You can be sure that a traffic cop has heard every excuse in the book.  They don’t care if you have a supposed family emergency or dropped a cigarette on your lap.  Stories and excuses just take up more of their time, so be honest.  Tell the truth, don’t be overly apologetic and leave it at that.  Again, you have violated a traffic law so no matter how good of a reason you have to for doing so, you can be charged.

Use all of these tips to try and help your case when dealing with a police officer who has pulled you over for a traffic violation.  Many drivers don’t realize how much of a difference these small factors make when dealing with an officer of the law.

Lastly, if you’ve done everything right and you still get a ticket you can hire a local traffic violation attorney.  Traffic law experts will be able to defend you in your upcoming case.  These lawyers know the ins and outs of the legal system and will be able to reduce your penalty or have your case completely thrown out.  Use online law firm referral service and legal recourse sites like Local-Attorneys to find reliable representation from an experienced traffic violation attorney.  Remember, keep all of this in mind the next time you see flashing red and blue lights behind you.