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The Dos and Don'ts If Pulled Over For OUI

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This article addresses a typical OUI scenario when police stop you on a highway after watching you driving in an erratic way or with any other road offense that makes you stand out. The tips mentioned here are to guide you if you have consumed some amount of alcohol recently. This blog will also help you if you have been pulled out by traffic police and accused of driving while intoxicated, whereas in reality, you haven't been drunk. In both scenarios, you need to stop here. This may also help someone to avert future troubles related to the OUI (Operating under the Influence).


Here are some Dos and Don'ts that you must be mindful about.


Know that it can happen to anybody

Anybody may be pulled out of the car for just or unjust reasons. This is a serious concern, but that doesn't make you a bad person. But knowing your rights can help you at any time.

Be polite to the police

Under any circumstance, it is advisable to remain courteous with the police. You can claim your rights being respectful and without arguing. This will be an advantage as it will be reported as you have been cooperative during the entire process.

Don't panic

This situation may be scary but do not panic. Relax and stay calm. This will help you interact wisely and without making any mistakes. Your sensible mannerism will make you appear less intoxicated if you have drunk, and if you haven't drunk at all, then you need to fear. 

Don't admit anything

When the police stop you, you will be interrogated as the officer will try to find the indicators of intoxication in you. Instead of admitting that you had some glasses of beer, it is wise to say that your attorney has instructed you not to answer such types of police questions. But do hand over your vehicle papers without any argument.

Don't take the Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs)

No matter your refusal to answer, if the officer suspects of drinking, you will be asked to come out of the car. He will watch you whether you fall or stumble. And then he may instruct you to take a list of FSTs. You have a chance to refuse to participate politely.

Know that you may be arrested

Despite everything, if the police officer can smell alcohol in your breath, you may get arrested. Don't panic. The purpose is to minimize the evidence against you. You may get arrested, but you can avoid conviction.

Refuse to take the Breath Test

When police suspect you of alcohol consumption, you will be asked to take a breath test. This you may refuse. You may get arrested, and your vehicle seized. You may have to part with your license for some months. Everything is acceptable in comparison to getting convicted and penalized. Do reply to questions related to your identity and demography.

There are several situations when you can contest the suspension of your license or appeal against the suspicion. And if you win a trial before the six months suspension is over, you can submit a petition in front of the judge to reinstate your license, which is generally permitted. Do hire a legal professional.

Whether you have taken the breath test or refused, if you are caught under the law of OUI (Operating Under the Influence), you will be arrested, and your vehicle will be towed. You will need to consult a reputed lawyer and abide by his advice. Find someone who is experienced in dealing with the intricacies of OUI cases.