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Several Things To Consider After Being In A Car Accident in NJ

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Whether you’ve been involved in a collision with an automobile, motorcycle, truck or bus, you should talk to an NJ car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A car accident lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you rightly deserve.

New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the country. The probability of a car accident occurring is much higher with higher congestion. There are more than 32,000 fatal motor accidents that occur in the country annually. 500 of these are in New Jersey.  240,000 non-fatal car accidents are reported in the state annually.

The state government has enacted stringent laws and regulations to increase safety on the roads. Road safety campaigns are also being used to help increase awareness and encourage safer driving practices. Despite these, thousands continue to be injured, with some even dying in car accidents.

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, lost wages, hefty medical expenses, disability as well as the inability to return to work. If your accident was the result of another party’s actions, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your damages.

An Car Accident Lawyer should be committed to helping victims of car accidents pick up the pieces and get back on their feet. We will aggressively seek compensation for damages to help secure your financial future.

Motor Accidents and the Financial Burdens They Cause

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. The results of the accident can be life-changing. Injuries can range from minor fractures and scars to permanent disfigurement, traumatic brain injuries and in some cases death. Oftentimes people involved in catastrophic car accidents not only have to deal with the strain of a painful physical recovery but also the financial burdens that arise from hefty medical bills, depleted finances, and lost wages.

New Jersey is a ‘no-fault’ insurance state. This means that your own insurance will be required to cater for your medical bills and other losses resulting from the accident. This is all well and good if you have a comprehensive cover with a large limit. However, many people can only afford basic insurance cover. Their insurance will only cover some of the financial burden resulting from the accident. Their payouts will be limited thus leaving a significant financial burden on their shoulders.

There are also instances where insurance companies deny claims by injured parties for coverage. There are even some instances when the insurance companies refuse to pay for certain medical procedures. In these instances, you, the injured party, will be forced to pay for treatment out of your own pocket without being compensated. If you are unable to return to work as a result of the injury, your treatment will result in significant financial strain on your family’s finances.

In many instances, the long term costs of treatment including surgeries, rehabilitation and pain management far outweigh the initial costs including emergency treatment and a hospital stay. Victims of car accidents are then faced with other pressing financial needs such as paying the bills and feeding their families while not being able to go to work as a result of the injury.

Experienced New Jersey car accident attorneys are all too familiar with the pressing needs of car accident victims. We’ll be the shoulder you can lean on the objective voice guiding you through the claims process. We’ll fight to recover maximum compensation and help you and your family to secure your finances. We’ll deal with all the frustrations that insurance companies can cause and let you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act (AICRA) and Compensation

New Jersey enacted the Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act (AICRA) in 1998. Automobile insurance is governed by this set of comprehensive laws. The law also provides guidelines on suing for injuries resulting from car accidents in New Jersey.

The laws were enacted as a means to lower the cost of insurance in New Jersey and therefore protect the citizens of the state. The laws were also enacted as a means to curb fraud by drivers as well as to limit unnecessary medical procedures following collisions.

According to AICRA, New Jersey applies a ‘no-fault’ car insurance system. This means that you will look to your own insurance policy for medical coverage and other benefits following a car accident. This package is known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It covers:

  • Past, present and future medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Child care
  • Household expenses

The problem with this coverage is that even if you are legitimately injured in a car accident, you may run into some roadblocks when seeking compensation. This is especially the case for those with minimum coverage. This coverage has limits which the insurance provider will not exceed in issuing compensation.

An experienced NJ car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need. We will analyze the facts of your case in detail. We will identify any possible compensation and benefits that you are entitled to. For example, we’ll help you prove that you are truly in need of medical procedures that may be limited under AICRA.

Another challenge that AICRA presents in recovering compensation is that it limits the ability of the injured party to sue for non-economic injuries. These include disability as well as pain and suffering. These limits are based on the severity of the injuries sustained in the car accident.

Experienced attorneys will help you provide certified proof of the severity of your injuries. We will help you show that the accident resulted in permanent and severe injuries such as:

  • Loss of a fetus
  • Significant scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Dismemberment
  • Displaced fracture

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys to Help You Increase Compensation

In many cases, victims of car accidents don’t approach car accident lawyers for help with filing their claims. They often simply approach their insurance companies and file the claim on their own. They trust that the insurance company will do the right thing and pay the compensation that is rightfully theirs. However, in many cases, insurance companies will do what they can to avoid a loss. This means that they will try to either fight your claim and not pay you a cent or look for ways to minimize their payout. This happens even for cases that seem straight forward.

Hiring an experienced NJ Car Accident Attorney can make all the difference in your case. We will help to level the playing field by applying years’ of experience and in-depth knowledge of the New Jersey car accident and insurance laws.

We have extensive experience representing car accident victims. Attorneys have handled car accident cases involving:

  • Truck accidents
  • Collisions with other passenger vehicles
  • Hazardous roadways
  • Distracted drivers
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Underinsured drivers
  • Roll-over accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Multiple car accidents and much more.

It’s important to remember that insurance companies are like any other business. They sell contractors for insurance and make a profit from this. However, when the time comes to compensate victims of car accidents, they will do what they can to avoid making a loss. Your claim will be scrutinized for loopholes. Insurance companies will not think twice about denying your claim even if your injuries are severe.

You can rely on experienced attorneys to fight on your behalf. We know the best ways to prepare and present insurance claims to improve the chances of success. We’ll carry out thorough investigations to uncover evidence that will make your claim stronger. We will fight to get you just compensation for your accident.