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Understanding Catastrophic Personal Injury And What To Do Next

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Any accident can cause serious injuries. But what is a catastrophic accident?

Any minor or major accident that can change your life or cause harm, maybe temporarily, can be catastrophic to you. But to claim insurance for damages, there are some defined circumstances that classify a catastrophic injury.

What is a catastrophic personal injury?

Any injury that leads to long-term debilitation or disability permanently prevents a person from doing any profitable work. Often it includes some kind of loss of capacity or deformity, either mental or physical, that could result in traumatic brain injury, amputation, brain damage, or paralysis.

If you have suffered one or are caring for someone facing catastrophic injury, you must have some information and understand certain facts. Medical treatment is daunting in this scenario, and you may worry about the monetary aspects when you cannot work.

Types of catastrophic injuries

There are many ways an accident can occur; some are freak accidents too. Below are a few of the causes that lead to severe injuries.

     Motor vehicle accidents

     Construction site accidents

     Hazardous work accidents

     Accidents in a swimming pool

     Accidents due to product defects or defective pharmaceuticals

     Sport-related injuries

     Slip and fall accidents

     Medical malpractices


Regardless of how the injury occurred, your priority is to claim catastrophic personal injury costs.

What expenses are included in a catastrophic injury?

If you are suffering a recent injury, you may need to determine how your financial stature looks. And if you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you can recover expenses for the mentioned below categories:

  1. Medical treatment
  2. Lost wages and capacity to earn in future
  3. Assistive devices like a walker, wheelchair and more
  4. Prosthetics
  5. Loss of enjoyment in life
  6. Counseling for mental health
  7. Ongoing therapies
  8. Assistance from caregivers

The person with an injury is not just affected, his family too. Everybody’s life changes, and there is immense exhaustion. So, calculating damage is not a straight calculation; many aspects must be taken care of.

So, instead of taking the entire trouble in a situation when you are both mentally and physically hurt, it is recommended to consult a legal expert if your injury is a result of someone’s negligence or caused by someone else.

Here is how to start with financial recovery:

Find a personal injury lawyer

Hire an experienced lawyer who can handle your case and navigate all the paperwork and legal proceedings.

Maintain records

If you cannot maintain the records, get your family or a trusted friend to do the same for you. Keep every aspect of recovery documented. It is also essential to track your experience and keep evidence of your pain and suffering and the resources that will be helpful in the future.

It is also important to keep track of the expanses that happened and which could occur in the future. This will include data about every service provider, amount billed or paid, insurance reimbursed, or that is pending. These records will help your lawyer to calculate your damages.

Gather evidence

It is not easy to investigate your accident or also not for someone. Here comes the role of a personal injury attorney, especially in case of severe injury. But you will need to provide some assistance that will help your lawyer, which includes accident reports, medication log and expenses, and damage expenses.

Hire a lawyer before it is too late

Make sure to find the best lawyer who can help you with your claims and recovery related to catastrophic personal injury. They are committed to time and resources and offer you the right legal help. Contact one today to benefit from their years of experience.