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When To Hire Portland Personal Injury Attorneys?

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Personal injury includes any type of injury or accident, which is why in legal definitions, it is differentiated into the most serious ones from others based on the repercussions that a victim and their family face. The critical injuries are referred to as "catastrophic" and are considered under personal injury in legal definitions.

Suppose you are in Portland and have met with an accident or someone close to you has had an issue due to someone's negligence or intended actions. In that case, you must consult Portland Personal Injury Attorneys to understand your legal scopes and make your claims.

Common injuries that can be classified

     Spinal cord injuries

     Brain injuries

     Loss of limbs



     Severe burn injuries

     Multiple broken bones

     Severe neural or ligament damage

Definition Of Catastrophic Injury

The truth is that catastrophic injuries can create chaos in victims and their families' lives in endless ways, which makes severe injuries classified as catastrophic.

The nature of damage that a victim or his family suffers and the type of complications you have to face makes you eligible for the faulty party's financial compensations.

Here are a few criteria that make an injury catastrophic.

1. Consequences and their impact on your family

The very harmful nature of the injury classifies it as a catastrophic injury. It comes with a lifelong repercussion may be in the form of painful and time-taking recovery, permanent loss of an organ or body functioning, or life-changing disabilities impairments.

The severe injuries not just hurt physically; there are added financial and emotional losses. Serious injuries cause substantial economic losses due to the following reasons.

     Hospital bills, medicines, medical treatment, surgery, lifelong therapy or rehabilitation, and more.

     Medical needs in the future, maybe any additional treatment or surgery, medical supervision, nursing, and care.

     Loss of income due to time away from work and your disability.

     Loss of scope of earning in the future. 

Along with economic damages, catastrophically injured victims face non-economic losses, as listed below.

     Physical pain and trauma

     Time taking and painful recovery


     Emotional sufferings and anguish

     Loss of consortium and companionship

     Loss of quality of life

2. Long-term repercussions

As mentioned about the damages above, critically injured victims suffer harms that need lengthy recovery or come with long term consequences. The recurring or persistent damages arise due to:

     Any form of disability

     Loss of bodily function


     Cognitive deficits

3. Unexpected Challenges

Besides suffering from severe consequences, a victim may face difficulty while pursuing their case. The challenges could be:

Disputes from the faulty party: In personal injury claims, the insurance companies and the defendant party act as victims. Usually, catastrophic injury cases demand more pay-outs, and the other party creates more challenges. Defendants may try to prove the victim is at fault to reduce the compensation. 

Testimony from experts: In catastrophic injury cases, both the defendants and plaintiffs seek expert testimony to support or refute claims. As a victim, you may have to gather evidence to prove your blame. A lawyer can help you gather the necessary proof and information to make a strong case.

Litigation: With chances of higher stakes, a catastrophic injury case may need a trial. There may be the scope of outside the court settlements. Still, depending on some specific situation, the plaintiff has to litigate claims before in the court when a defendant refuses to offer the right amount of compensation.

Hire A Reputed Lawyer Without Any Delay

In your unfortunate situation, seeking legal assistance is a wise decision. You may either approach a solo advocate or a legal firm, whichever suits you best. 

If you or your loved one is a victim of serious injury owing to someone else's negligence, consult Portland personal injury attorneys in your locality.