Brotman Law

1455 Frazee Road
Suite 500
San Diego, California, 92108

Although we desire to help everyone, we understand the limitations of our own resources and cannot take every person on as a client that contacts our firm. In addition, we are committed to providing those who do become clients with the optimal levels of service. Our firm actively tracks its “matter capacity” and will not exceed it under any circumstances. We do this for the benefit of our current clients and their matters as well as for the well-being of our staff. An overleveraged law firm benefits no one and, worse, may actually cause harm. Therefore, we are selective about the matters that we take on and the clients that we work with. We find that the best results are often achieved for our “A” clients and, as a result, we set expectations for our clients at the start of a matter in order to guide them toward their own success.



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