Jordan F. Wilcox

347 West Gordon Avenue
Suite 3 Layton
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84041

Every day, the IRS goes to work collecting against good people like you. You probably did not realize that a mistake was made. Now, as the IRS pursues your case, you need someone on your side who will fight back to defend you against the heavy hand of the IRS, trying to pocket your family’s and your business’s hard-earned money, no matter the cost to you. As you begin to review all of the demands of the IRS, questions swirl through your head: What will I have to go through to settle my tax debt? How can I afford to pay the additional penalties when I could barely pay my taxes? Am I at risk of going to prison for this? Do I really need a tax attorney, or can I trust what the IRS is saying? These taxes are wrong! What if the IRS made a mistake? It’s normal to be scared—you’re in a frightening situation. As you plan your defense against the IRS, put someone on your side who will give you the no-nonsense legal guidance you need.



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