Joseph C Kreps

1932 Laurel Road
Birmingham, Alabama, 35216

Don’t let an Alabama Traffic Ticket mean devastating consequences for you. A traffic ticket means a lot of different things to different people depending on your circumstances. For some people it means a fact of life almost like a car payment or debt or taxes. For others it could mean an end to a career – i.e. a commercial truck driver / CDL holder, a sales person who must keep a clean record in order to work and drive a company vehicle, fire fighter, police officer, and the list can go on and on. For almost everyone that pleads guilty and pays the fine and costs on a traffic ticket, the conviction will mean reporting to your home state of licensure for points and possible license suspension, increased car insurance rates, and the loss of the ability to resolve a traffic ticket favorably in the future. Don’t let a traffic ticket mean something for you that you will regret later.



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