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Los Angeles, CA, 90071
(213) 568-4000

At Blair & Ramirez LLP, we aggressively pursue maximum compensation for every case. We get our clients millions of dollars every year. Let us help you get top dollar on your case.

Why Choose Us For Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

From car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to slip-and-fall incidents and wrongful deaths, Blair & Ramirez LLP represents clients in personal injury cases. We help personal injury victims and their families recover maximum compensation, which in turn helps them pay medical bills, cover lost wages, and—in the event they have lost a loved one—pay for funeral and burial expenses. Blair & Ramirez LLP is your collision and car accident personal injury attorney here in Los Angeles. For a free consultation, call (213) 568-4159. Blair & Ramirez LLP is a team of experienced personal injury and employment law attorneys who are focused both on providing personal attention to our clients and getting results. Unlike many attorneys, we do not believe in settling cases for less, and we will take your case all the way to trial if necessary. We are known for our dedicated attention to each and every case.



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