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Riverside, CA, 92501

Yes, you can afford a lawyer. If you have been arrested, your freedom, your future opportunities, and your reputation are at risk. You need an experienced lawyer on your side. At the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates, we have made sure that you can afford the attorney you need.

Even though we handle thousands of cases, your case is different — and we will give your case personal attention.

  • DUI: Have you been charged with drunk driving? We can help. Put the matter in our experienced hands. You may not even have to go to court.
  • Domestic Violence: Were you arrested for domestic violence? Call so that we can begin to help you.
  • Drug Charges: Our goal is to keep you out of jail. Call today. Tell us about what led to your arrest. Let us help you.
  • Traffic Violations: Too many tickets? Talk to an attorney. Are you a trucker? We can help you protect your license and your job.
  • Violent Crimes: Have you been charged with assault and battery? Are you facing murder charges? Call today for experienced legal advice.
  • Sex Offenses: Charges of solicitation, rape, or child molestation can affect your reputation, your job, and your future. Call now.
  • Theft, Robbery: You need an experienced attorney to represent you in a theft case. Talk to a lawyer at Earl Carter & Associates
  • Federal Crimes: If you have been charged with a federal drug crime or bank robbery, you need an attorney with federal court experience.
  • Welfare Fraud: If you have been charged with welfare fraud, you need a lawyer who will work to keep you out of jail.
  • White Collar Crime: Have you been charged with stealing from your employer? Are you suspected of forgery? Call a lawyer today.
  • Entrapment: Were you deliberately enticed to commit a crime? Tell us about what happened. We can help.
  • Three Strikes: If this is your third strike, you need help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer — and you need help NOW.
  • Juvenile Crime: In the juvenile justice system, there are few rights for the accused. Let us represent your child.
  • Clear Your Record: Did you make a mistake years ago that is still on your record? Talk to us about expungement.

Why are we affordable? We have the experience and efficiency to handle your case effectively.

Se habla español

Si usted necesita a un abogado que entienda y hable el español, llame a Earl Carter & Associates. También ayudamos a clientes con problemas de inmigración causados por un arresto.



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