Connecticut Mediation Center

41 B New London Tpke
Glen Lochen Building B
Glastonbury, CT, 06033

Connecticut Mediation Center is a mediation firm offering divorcing couples or parties in conflict the services of Divorce Mediation, or Divorce Co-Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. Practice is offered for divorcing couples who seek individualized legal representation.


Connecticut Mediation Center is a solution oriented divorce practice who offers divorcing couples the choice of avoiding litigation.  Connecticut Divorce Mediation offers divorcing couples the option of Co-mediation (offered by 2 mediators, female and male), Collaborative Divorce Practice or Divorce Mediation Services. 


Connecticut Mediation Center facilitates and guides you through the structured process of mediation,  which will enable you to treat each other the way you would want to be treated,  help you sort through differing perspectives, and consider viable alternatives you may not heard or seen.  This will successfully and collectively help plan your future (and the future of your children, if children are involved) and accomplish this in a less stressful, less expensive manner. This process leads to an acceptable agreement that will address all your concerns and needs. 


In a collaborative divorce case, the parties strive to reach a fair settlement through a series of meetings, sometimes called joint sessions, between the two parties and their lawyers, and sometimes other neutral experts.  Connecticut Mediation Center makes the primary focus of the four-way meetings or joint sessions to identify the priorities, goals, needs and interests of the parties, and help them progress towards and create a settlement that is consistent with their priorities, goals, needs, and interests.




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