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Dallas, TX, 75206

For free wrongful death, personal injury, and traffic ticket information, please visit our website. The Kipness Law Firm, P.C. is a Dallas, Texas based personal injury and wrongful death firm that represents individuals and families involved in car accidents, auto accidents, wrongful death cases, construction accident, work accidents. We also handle Dallas traffic tickets.

The Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys at The Kipness Law Firm are experienced and compassionate attorneys who understand the emotional, physical, and financial difficulties that people experience due to the negligence of others. We counsel and advise individuals dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial pressures of dealing with personal injuries or wrongful death.  We strive to respond to client’s needs in a timely, sympathetic, and cost effective manner. 

At The Kipness Law Firm, its attorneys seek compensation for personal injuries and wrongful death from: businesses, construction companies, daycare businesses, doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists, dog owners, drunk drivers, employers, homeowners, insurance companies, nursing homes, oil and gas companies, product manufacturers, railroad companies, and operators of passenger cars, buses, and trucks.

Individuals and families that are victims of personal injury and wrongful death can seek compensation for: medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, future loss of earning capacity, pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, impairment, loss of emotional support and companionship provided by spouse or parent; and loss of household duties provided by spouse or parent.

The Kipness Law Firm has personal injury attorneys that aggressively, quickly, and tirelessly work to enforce people’s rights to compensation for personal injuries and wrongful death.  We have the means, skills, and determination to go against any size business, corporation, or insurance company and force them to be financially accountable for their wrongdoings. 

Jason Kipness, a personal injury attorney with The Kipness Law Firm used to work as an insurance defense attorney.  He knows their tricks and uses his experience to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of injured individuals.  Insurance companies use many tactics to delay and deny claims for personal injuries and wrongful death.

Typical insurance company tricks include:

·         Telling individuals with personal injuries not to talk to an attorney;

·         Delaying your claim to take advantage of your physical and financial pressures;

·         Having policies of denying legitimate claims to save the insurance company money;

·         Paying your property damage but refusing to compensate you for personal injuries;

·         Requesting information and documents from you that are not needed to pay your claim;

·         Acting like a medical expert and disputing the validity of your injuries or treatments;

·         Reducing amounts of legitimate medical bills by saying the billed amount is too high;

·         Refusing to disclose the amount of insurance coverage available to pay for injuries;

·         Refusing to pay the policy limits when medical bills or lost wages exceed policy limits;

·         Misrepresenting the story of the other driver on how the accident happened;

·         Disputing the findings of an investigating police officer in an accident report;

·         Taking your recorded statement and refusing to give you a copy;

·         Getting copies of your medical records and refusing to give you a copy;

·         Speaking to your neighbors or family members without telling you;

·         Using a medical records authorization to fish around for unrelated health conditions; Secretly videotaping you and investigating you on the Internet



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