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Attorney specializing in Bankruptcy, Business and Real Estate law. Innovative Legal Solutions. Dedicated Representation. We fight for you!

In 1999, Amir Aalam demonstrated his innovation and skill in presenting legal argument.  While clerking with a law firm, Mr. Aalam wrote an appellate brief for San Diego lawyers arguing for a change in the existing law.  The appeal won and the decision was of such notable legal importance it was published and thus changed the Federal Law in the Southern District of California.

In 2005, after being admitted to the State Bar of California, Mr. Aalam began representing individuals, small businesses, and large fortune 500 companies and amassed an impressive string of victories in bankruptcy, business, and real estate matters.  In addition, Mr. Aalam wrote another appellate brief that was published and thus changed California law in the Fourth Appellate District.

In 2008, Mr. Aalam founded a law firm focused on providing personalized representation to individuals and small businesses in Bankruptcy, Business, and Real Estate Matters.  Within the practice of Business Law, Mr. Aalam represents clients both in forming business entities (Corporation, LLC, etc.) and in resolving business disputes.  Within the practice of Real Estate Law, Mr. Aalam represents landlords, tenants, and Homeowners Associations in various matters.

As a California lawyer, Mr. Aalam practices exclusively within the State of California, including in California State Courts and Federal Bankruptcy Courts located within California.

There are many lawyers in San Diego.  When selecting a lawyer in San Diego, select a lawyer who has the experience and skill to handle your legal matter and who will give your case the personal attention it deserves.

As an innovative and experienced California attorney, Mr. Aalam can solve your legal matter and deliver a solution that is tailored to your needs.  If Mr. Aalam accept your case, you will find that what truly sets him apart from other attorneys is that Mr. Aalam is 100% dedicated to representing you- he will fight for you!



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