The Babcock Law Firm LLC.

2626 W. Alamo Avenue
Littleton, CO, 80120

Workers' compensation attorney representing cases including personal injury, insurance dispute, wrongful deaths, accidents, DUI, slips and falls for clients in Denver metropolitan area and Colorado’s mountain communities.

Colorado Workers Compensation Attorney

Committed to Our Practice Area in Colorado Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Insurance Disputes. The Babcock Law Firm only represents Colorado citizens and those injured when visiting Colorado in workers compensation, personal injury and insurance dispute matters. Limiting our practice enables us to maintain a high level of specialization.

We once represented some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in Colorado. We have a thorough understanding of these organizations views, how they approach our practice areas and the disdain they show our clients. Unlike other Colorado law firms and/or attorneys who straddle the fence representing both injured individuals and insurance companies or large corporations, we recognize that it is impossible to be committed to our clients causes if we are actively engaged in representing the other side. We will never represent an insurance company or other member of corporate America. The Babcock Law Firm will dedicate the financial resources and man power to your case. We commit our blood, sweat and tears and will not let you be bullied into anything less than the full compensation you are entitled to. And, we never pass important legal tasks off to case assistants, case managers, or some other non-attorney staff member.

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