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Georgia wrongful death lawyer and personal injury attorney. Joseph P. McClelland, III helps all who were hurt in car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, tractor trailer accidents, and slip and fall cases. Contact our office at (770) 775-0938.

Georgia Attorney, Joseph P. McClelland, is here to aggressively fight for those injured because of the negligence of another.  For over a decade, Joseph P. McClelland has provided quality legal service to Georgia residents.

For those who need an Atlanta, Georgia wrongful death lawyer, we will work confidentially with you in your time of loss.  We understand the pain this loss has created.  Mr. McClelland is a generous individual and will give you his time and attention.  When you lose someone close, life will never be the same.  At the same time, you must continue to go on.  We are here to help make that easier for you.  We will work diligently to make sure that we locate all sources of potential insurance and assets that are available to you.

The McClelland Law Firm also represents clients in motorcycle accidents.  These accidents are usually catostrophic in nature.  There really are no simple fender benders when it comes to motorcycle or bike wrecks.  As an Atlanta, Georgia motorcyle accident attorney, knowing where to look and find all available insurance policies is a must.  Most likely, every insurance policy with available coverage will be used to get complete and full compensation.

Just as likely for serious injuries are trucking accidents.  When you are hit by an 18 wheeler, things in your life will most likely change.  This is this night and day from a car accident.  Think of getting hit by a spit ball versus getting hit by a baseball.  That is the kind of difference that can come from these trucking collisions.  As an Atlanta, Georgia truck accident law firm, I have seen many of these typical tractor trailer accidents result in death. The force of the collision is just that intense.

We work hard to find new ways to make our services better.  We are known to meet clients on the weekends and at night in order to serve their interests.  We work hard to make sure that every person who works for us understands the values of our firm.  We choose to do what we do.  We choose to try hard to be one of the best on a daily basis.  We are always looking for ways to improve what we do and to help you even more.

When you hire the McClelland Law Firm, you get an attorney that cares about his clients.  Mr. McClelland has practiced in virtually all legal fields and has come to determine that personal injury is where he can do his best and help his clients the most.  He loves what he does, and it shows.  Contact Mr. Joseph P. McClelland for a free consultation about your case at (770) 775-0938.



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