Andy Green, Attorney at Law, P.C.

121 SW Salmon Street
Suite 1100
Portland, OR, 97204

Portland DUI Attorney Andy Green knows how to get you the best results. As a former DA prosecutor, Andy knows how the prosecutor will build their case, and how to get you the best deal. Call 503-471-1385 for a FREE initial consultation.

Andy Green is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in and around the Portland, Oregon area. He represents clients in DUI (known as DUII in Oregon) cases as well as those who face domestic violence charges, have been caught in prostitution stings, arrested for drug possession charges, or who have been charged with assault.

Before Andy went on to start his criminal law practice, he worked as a prosecutor for the Multnomah County District Attorneys office, where he oversaw hundreds of criminal cases. Because of his great experience working as a prosecutor, Andy has the knowledge, skill and experience to effectively fight your criminal charges, and work to get you the best offer possible. Call 503-471-1385 for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

If you find yourself in jail, or are calling after hours, you can reach him at 503-505-6703.

Oregon DUII Diversion Program

In Oregon, if arrested for a DUI charge, you may be elligible for the DUII Diversion Program. There are complex qualifications for the program, and Andy has worked with many first-time DUI clients to effectively be selected for the program. 

In addition to the Diversion program, Andy has also successfully had a number of his clients' criminal charges expunged from their records. Expungement is a terribly complicated and difficult process to go through, and attemptiing it without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney is not advised.

If you're still not sure, simply give Andy a call at 503-471-1385. We bet once you hear what he has to say, you'll choose him to represent you in court.



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