Cofer Law, P.C.

300 Throckmorton Street, Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX, 76102

Our firm fights cases in Texas and Federal court, both at trial and on appeal. The lead trial attorney, Cody Cofer, is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has been recognized throughout Texas as one of the best criminal trial attorneys in the state. We practice exclusively criminal defense, and we focus on abuse allegations. This includes Assault Family Violence charges; Injury to a Child charges; and Indecency with a Child charges. These cases are difficult and complex, but we have found we can do a great deal of good for our clients and our profession by seeking out these trying cases. Please, contact one of our Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys.

Protecting Clients: Cody L. Cofer is a Board Certified criminal trial lawyer. He has developed expert trial and investigations skills through years defending and prosecuting criminal cases. The practice of criminal law requires the utmost loyalty to clients and the most disciplined execution of strategy. To survive the slings and arrows of the criminal justice system you need a strong, clever, and committed lawyer. 

Client Care: The best defense requires a solid attorney-client relationship. This bond is not forged on the day you sit in front of a jury. Rather, an attorney must listen and understand clients. The client needs to be the center of the case. For this relationship to work, the attorney has the responsibility of educating and keeping the client informed. The client must grow to completely trust the attorney and the defense. 

Why Cofer: Clarence Darrow said, “The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.” Of course, lawyers that never try a case often provide valuable and essential services to clients. Those lawyers have no business defending a criminal case. Cody Cofer went to law school, so he could earn the privilege of standing in front of a jury. He competed nationally in mock trial. When he graduated, he flung himself unto the fray as a prosecutor. He picked fights with the areas best criminal defense attorneys. After getting his sea-legs, he packed his briefcase and walked to the other side of the bar, criminal defense. He paired with the best criminal defense attorneys in Tarrant County to try cases and continue to learn. Even now, he eagerly jumps at the chance to offer his services at no cost to try cases and learn from the best. 

As a demonstration of his commitment to excellence in criminal defense Cody Cofer became Board Certified in criminal law. He has obtained a tremendous amount of complex criminal trial experience and criminal appellate experience.



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