Gary R. Spritz, Esquire

3511 Silverside Rd
Wilmington , Delaware, 19810
(302) 655-0900

I have been a delaware family law attorney for years. One promise, I will make you when you meet me for an initial consultation, you will leave knowing a lot more to do about how to address your delaware divorce, custody case, delaware pfa, your child custody, your child support, your alimony situation in Delaware Family Court, at a settlement table or with your spouse or other parent directly better than when you came in. I apply my over 30 years of legal experience at the initial consultation to "tell it like it is." The reason is simple. I want you not to live in a delaware family lawyer's office (even mine) or Delaware Family Court or to be victim, even an innocent one. All that does is help a lawyer. Rather, I want you to return to or become the Captain of your ship called "Your Life" and I view myself as a navigator as to how to best achieve this goal. Would you want a navigator to give you directions into Hurricane? No!



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