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3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Use a Medical Record Retrieval Service

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Time is of the essence when it comes to law firms who have to manage so many moving parts and deal with all sorts of different cases and clients. If legal firms can’t keep their processes as lean as possible, they will eventually end up getting overwhelmed and may not be able to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

While medical record retrieval is more accessible than ever, not all law firms have the expertise needed to conduct it properly. This is one of the many reasons why law firms decide to go with third party services. Let’s take a look at why law firms should be using medical record retrieval services.

More Efficiency

The whole purpose of medical retrieval services is to be able to find medical records in a time and resource-efficient way. Medical retrieval services can find essential records in a matter of days while firms often don’t have the time to follow up correctly on results and can take weeks to do the same. Also, by leaving this tedious job to the experts, your team can do what they were hired for, and that is actively working on legal tasks. For many firms, the ability to better use their talent is the main benefit of working with record retrieval services.

Better Accuracy

If you decide to do everything on your own, you are bound to make errors. Retrieval services only perform this function and are full of professionals who know medical records in and out. They’ve seen it all and can spot irregularities much faster than any legal professional. So many different things can go into someone’s medical records, and not all of it will be relevant to a case. You need someone who can decipher all of this and be able to find the pieces of information that will be useful to you. Things can become even more complicated when you add multiple providers to the equation.

Your people may not even be aware of subtleties like the differences between electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR). If you want to know more about what these are, we suggest you check out Not knowing this could lead your people to look for information in the wrong places or assume that there was nothing to find because they looked up the wrong database. These are all small issues that you won’t have to worry about if you’re working with a professional service.

Leverage their Network

Another benefit of medical record retrieval services is that they have tons of relationships all over the country. They can deal with virtually any record custodian. They also know which forms to fill in, as well as how to make initial requests, make follow up calls, and safely deliver documents. Also, a law firm only needs to pay the retrieval service once per month instead of paying every single provider they request information from.

These are all reasons why you should consider using the services of a medical record retrieval company. Only they will be able to give you the peace of mind and efficiency that you need.