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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workers’ Compensation

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The process of claiming your workers’ compensation benefits seems simple enough: if you got injured while doing your job, report it to the necessary people/offices, have a medical record and fill out an accident form, then wait for your claim to be approved by your employer or their insurance company. Once your claim is approved, you can finally get your workers’ comp benefits.

In reality, claiming your workers’ comp, while simple, is not always easy. To begin with, you are guaranteed that your claim will be approved. But even if you get your claim, it’s possible your benefits is reduced than how much you should really get.

In other words, just because your claim is approved does not mean you’ll stop thinking about it. So, in this article, you will learn some tips on how to get the most out of your workers’ compensation claim – from actually winning your claim to ensuring you get the most of it.

Take note that, at the end of the day, your case will still determine if you should get your workers’ comp benefits or not. Lying will not help – and in doing so, you may even face criminal charges. But assuming you have a proper case, here’s what you can do.


1) Report your injury immediately

The first thing you need to do after getting injured is to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Although different states have varying deadline for reporting – from one week to one month – the earlier you report, the better.

When you report immediately, this tells your employer that your injury is truly urgent and serious. Late reports signal to employers and insurance agencies that the injury is not that serious, so they take it less seriously – not to mention that if you go beyond the deadline, your claim may automatically be denied.


2) Get medical treatment as soon as possible

Once you have reported your injury, make sure you get your medical treatment as soon as possible. This is to have a medical report to be submitted to your employer – aside from, of course, actually getting treated for your injuries.

If you don’t get immediate medical treatment, this may signal to your employer that you are not taking your case seriously.


3) Be sure your accident report form accurately matches your medical record

In other words, be sure to report your case to your doctor the way you’ve reported your case to your accident report form.

It’s not that you lie, but sometimes, we get intimidated when reporting to our doctor, usually because we want to win the case. The result is, without us knowing, we tend to exaggerate a little our report to our doctor than to the report we wrote on the accident report form.

But if we do this, it causes some mismatch between the two records, causing your employer or insurance company to doubt your case.

So be sure you report to your doctor the way you’ve written your report on the form.


4) Keep your records

Having your records intact will help you in case your employer or insurance asks for it. In case of any mishaps during your case, you can present your records as evidence of your injury.


5) Hire a lawyer to help you

In general, you don’t need to hire a lawyer when claiming your workers’ comp benefits. However, a lawyer will be very helpful for you especially when your claim is reduced or denied altogether.

A lawyer will also stand up for you to ensure you win your case and get the most out of it.

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