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Auto Accident Lawyers in Texas (TX)

If you’ve ever been in auto accident you know how stressful and scary they can be.  Your vehicle is surely damaged if not totaled, plus you have to deal with injuries and a possible hospital visit.  Scrapes, cuts, burns, whiplash and head trauma are all generally associated with auto accidents which means your medical bills are going to be high.  Law suites are abundant with Texas residents because of the millions of cars driving throughout the state.  If you find yourself involved in some sort of law case because of your recent auto accident you want to be sure you’ve found the best local law firm to represent you.  Here at Local-Attorneys our online lawyer directory will help you find the absolute best Texas (TX) legal professionals for all of your needs.  So find the right auto accident attorney to give you the expert advice and representation you deserve for your upcoming case.

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12777 Jones Road
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Plano, TX, 75075

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12777 Jones Road
Suite 297
Houston, Texas, 77070

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