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Medical Malpractice Law Firms in Texas (TX)

Medical malpractice suits can be some of the most stressful and heartbreaking cases out there.  Because of the sheer size of Texas’ (TX) population there are quite a few medical malpractice cases every year.  If you or a loved one has experience brain damage, birth defects or even death as a result of the negligence of a medical provider then you’re entitled to compensation. 

Hospitals and large medical centers can be quite reluctant to give you the money you deserve and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary to hire a skilled Texas attorney to handle your case.  Finding the right law firm can be almost as tough as getting the compensation you are owed, especially if you’re just looking through your local phone book for legal professionals.  Luckily Local-Attorneys has created an easy to use online lawyer directory.  All you have to do is fill out the short case evaluation and we will have local attorneys review your medical malpractice case.  There are the most reliable and experience legal experts in Texas.  Get the great legal advice and representation you deserve for your medical malpractice suit.

Featured Texas Listings

Hampton King

Hampton King

2603 Augusta Dr.
STE 1300
Houston, TX, 77057

Medical malpractice cases are complicated; medical malpractice cases litigated in the state of Texas are especially so. You want an advocate who is prepared to not just handle your case, but navigate it to successful resolution. If you are in the position of needing legal representation in Texas or New Mexico for medical malpractice-related or negligence-related pain and suffering, you need the team at Hampton & King.

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Additional Texas Listings

Hastings Law Firm P.C.

25511 Budde Rd.
Ste 1402
The Woodlands, Texas, 77380

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Brown & Brothers

712 Main Street
Suite 800
Houston, Texas, 77002

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