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Did you know that in California, personal injury lawsuit victims who have medical coverage receive less in awards than those who don’t have insurance? If you’re involved in a malpractice suit, or any other kind of legal action against a healthcare provider, doctor or hospital, it is critical to consult healthcare attorneys in California who understand state statutes.

Without a doubt, some of the most complicated legal battles involve a healthcare system that is largely stacked against individuals. California state laws like the one mentioned only lengthen the process. This can hold up monies you need to pay hospital bills, doctor bills and other costs associated with, for example, a malpractice suit.

The right representation from healthcare attorneys in California can shorten this period because they know how the criteria courts determine and award damages. They can make sure that the court weighs the fact that you have health insurance in your favor, not against you. After all, what better proof is there of injury from malpractice than bills paid by your health care provider? A discerning attorney will point out facts, garnering you the largest award to which you’re entitled.

To locate qualified healthcare attorneys in CA in your area who will work on your behalf – whether or not you have medical coverage – fill out the form below.  It’s quick, simple and easy and can get you on the road to health – financially and emotionally.

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