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DUI’s and DWI’s fall under the same bracket when it comes to vehicular offenses; involving mainly a strike in the driving record, temporary or permanent suspension of one’s driving license and/or vehicle repair and insurance costs. They are quite similar in the sense that they deal with the ingestion of substances that an individual must never take prior to driving or operating a vehicle - a DUI (i.e. Driving Under Influence) implies driving while being affected (but not necessarily impaired) by alcohol or narcotics, whereas a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) refers to driving while being visibly impaired. Which charge gets leveled depends upon the state of the individual and the laws of the state that they are driving in.

A DUI/DWI attorney can stand in as the legal representative of the accused, right from the point when they are arrested and up to the conclusion of the trial. With the damage having been done, their aim is to reduce the amount of consequences that their clients are facing to the least possible. These attorneys can have in-depth knowledge of DUI/DWI laws within a state, and may be experts in specialized areas such as challenging on-the-field sobriety tests, interpreting blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels, and finding potential errors made by the police. They may investigate the incident, gathering evidence and analyzing reports as they go about their work. They can represent both outside and in-court legal proceedings, where they may negotiate plea deals or try to reduce sentencing as much as possible; and overall try to keep their clients out of jail with their driver’s license intact. The Local Attorneys service directory will help you find a DUI or DWI attorney to assist with your legal issues. Our directory lists law firms and lawyers from all over the country - including states such as Utah, Maryland, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

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