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The state of California has a Career Criminal Prosecution (CCP) program, which has a 92.8 percent conviction rate. Under the program, those facing criminal charges obtain bail less often and serve more jail time. Hence, if you’re facing criminal charges in California, the best thing you can do is to select the most experienced California criminal attorneys to handle your defense.

According to the Bureau of Justice, almost a third of the federal criminal cases processed in the United States are in the southwest. This includes California. Couple this with the above and what you have is an overburdened system that doesn’t favor defendants.  Considering all of this, for defendants facing criminal charges in CA, the difference between freedom and jail can literally hinge on choosing the right CA criminal attorney.

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Experienced California criminal attorneys will know the ins and outs of the state’s justice system, eg, sentencing guidelines, how to get you out on bond, who the public defenders are, and much more.

To locate qualified criminal attorneys in California in your geographic area, simply fill out the form below. You will quickly be matched with expert criminal defense lawyers who not only understand your fear, but who help you stack the odds in your favor and give you back your peace of mind.